Are You Afraid to Dance?


Whether you’re dancing in the club or dancing in the courtesy of your own home I’ve got a few tips to get you comfortable moving your body.

These three simple tips are especially helpful if you would like to start getting into dance cardio classes like Socanomics, open level hip-hop, pole or heels classes or dancing at home as your workout with dvd’s.

  •  Find music you love to move to. Music helps you to get into a zone where you aren’t overwhelmed by the workout.  Make fun playlists!
  • Don’t be shy to move your body- it’s yours. Let it liberate you from your day to day. Find the freedom to let go and move! It sounds cliche but it really is YOUR body. Be okay to look at in the mirror, Naked, when no one is around and be confident enough to move it around if no one is watching. That will help you build the comfort to do it once people are around because guess what? Who cares what they think about your moves, as long as you feel good and are confident. Even if you are a beginner. You’re just expressing yourself.
  • Make sure to switch up your workouts. Dance cardio, yoga & strength training are a great foundation.
  • Stretch and get a good dynamic warm-up so that you don’t hurt yourself when you bust a new move or an old move you used to hit in the 90s (I Love the 90s.) Make sure your body is ready for movement in a large range of motion. Get your hips, knees and shoulders ready with fluid-like movement of your joints.
Selena Watkins