Black Girl Health Fitness Expo


So this past weekend I was invited to present at an amazing event in Harrisburg, PA by an organization called Black Girl Health. The event was just dope. It was their 2nd Annual Kickstart Fitness Expo and Health & Wellness Conference.

The weekend included all day fitness classes, information sessions, gift bags from local sponsors and a finale Live talk show with celebrity guests, Ernestine Shephard who is the oldest competitive female bodybuilder (check the Guiness Book), Miss USA 2016 Deshauna Barber, Olympic Silver Medalist Hyleas Fountain, Natural Hair Enthusiast NaturallyTemi and Women’s Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star winner, yours truly.

I was there to be interviewed by the CEO and Founder of Black Girl Health about my year with Women’s Health Magazine and of course to teach the crowd some sexy Caribbean inspired dance moves from my Socanomics workout!

The women were so lively, vibrant and in full participation that it made my 2.5 hour train ride more than worth it. Haha!

I’m actually even more inspired after the event. I’m inspired by the women who spoke on stage before and after me, I’m inspired by the CEO of Black Girl Health, and I’m inspired by the women OF ALL AGES who attended the event.

I’m inspired because I’m like everyone else. Sometimes I/we need that spark as a reminder of why we’re working so hard to do what we do. I/ We forget who’s watching, I/ We forget who needs you.

So I’m excited to bring more of who I am to more platforms and to more audiences because as women, we inspire each other, and we need one another.

On an even more honest note, I had a moment at the event before signing autographs. I remember when I was dancing for the NBA Brooklyn Nets and we signed autographs every single game before tipoff. As the season was closing up, our director would remind us to soak it all in, because it would be the last time we’d sign autographs, especially once we were off the team.

Even then, something inside of me was screaming “Girl that’s not true!” It wasn’t a feeling of cockiness or feeling upset, it was just a gut instinct that I would do even more, be more and inspire more.

I mean yes, there was nothing like signing autographs in China at the NBA 3x Games for hundreds of screaming fan (not even in English), but they weren’t there for me. They were there for the brand, and it probably didn’t matter which of us 6 girls representing the brand wrote their name. This was different. It was me on behalf of ME.

I remembered that convo and that moment as I walked in the ballroom to sign autographs – Humbly. Some people had the slightest clue who I was before the event, but said they felt connected and inspired by me by the end of it. Wow! (Real Thug Tears) I’m happy. The journey is just beginning.


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Selena Watkins