Sweet Green, I Love You

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 11.10.48 PM

I’m obsessed with Sweet Green in NYC!

I could eat it every single day… And actually, I have been. I haven’t been cooking for a few weeks. I’ve been eating out a lot but I’ve managed to keep it clean. Of course, eating out is not an ongoing plan but it happens to the best of us and you can still manage to keep it healthy.

Pictured is the Harvest Bowl from Sweet Green. Easily, we can make this ourselves! It has kale, brown rice, chicken, apples, sweet potato, almonds and goat cheese. I especially like to add raisins and red chili flakes to jazz it up. I also like to use yogurt tahini dressing instead of the balsamic dressing that it would come with in the restaurant. If you live in a city with a Sweet Green, try my version of the Harvest Bowl. Literal food porn! So Good.

Would you try to DIY at home? It’s definitely worth a shot and may taste even better.



Selena Watkins