2017 Final Quarter: Vulnerability


So, in less than two months I’m turning 30. I feel great and look my best! So there’s that. Haha! But I realized something after a few recent conversations.

I’ve totally gone through life hating the feeling of being vulnerable. For real.

Can any one else relate?

I know the Scorpios out there can.

It’s a common trait of ours apparently.

Vulnerable as in, I’d rather write a touching card than say the words, write a heartfelt letter instead of speaking it.

Vulnerable as in letting the music speak or letting the movements express it. I’ve been a performer all of my life.

At this moment, I’m making a decision to allow the wall to come down, let people peek in and completely see who I am.

And I never REALLY knew that frightened me before.

I’ve loved being mysterious and didn’t even know it!

It’s not necessarily a bad observation but it’s come to my attention more recently.

It’s actually my intention to be more open, more fearless, and more ME with not just the people who know me best.

It’s ironic because one of my favorite quotes is “life begins at the end of your comfort zone…”

Well, could this be me running toward the things that scare me most?  Perhaps.

I’m excited to approach 30 and even more excited about this final quarter of 2017. What are you running towards this season?

Selena Watkins