Stick to your 2017 Goals


We’re halfway through the month of January and apparently Tuesday the 17th, is the day dubbed as “Ditch your New Year’s Resolutions Day!” Well. We’re not having. Were sticking to our goals in 4 ways:

  1. Let’s start by not even calling it a resolution. It’s just a set-up. You have long-term and short term goals. point blank.
  2. Make a vision board if you haven’t yet so that you can visualize you goals. You say them in your head often. Why not write it down to paper and see images of it daily. I promise it helps. I’ve made 5 vision boards thus far and it has helped me to stay on track. I put it in a place I see often to get re-inspired because that’s the trick. We say things we want and we do want them but then our mood changes and we’re not as determined to out in the work. Well get re-inspired, OFTEN!
  3. Check in! Put reminders on your phone weekly and monthly. Yes, put alerts on your phone that will remind you to GET SHIT DONE! You can also write yourself a letter. Get an envelope and address it to yourself, then put in it, a letter with three things written. Your goal in the next week, your goal in the next month and your goal in the next quarter (three months.) Seal it and give it to a friend that is not too forgetful. Have them mail it to you in a month a month and a half or in three months. When you open up that letter you will be re-inspired if you’ve fallen off the bandwagon that way a whole year doesn’t go by as idle. Second quarter you’ll come back with a bang.
  4. Make that non forgetful friend your accountability partner. Tell each other your goals and keep each other on track in the most non-judgmental or aggressive way. Maybe be subtle instead o daily phone calls. Check in with each other once every quarter- today January 15th, April 1st or 15th, July 1st or 15th and October 1st or 15th. It will help your goal for the entire year become easier more attainable steps.
Selena Watkins