Summer of Socanomics!!!


Sweat with Me All Summer Long!

Socanomics Dance Cardio & Total Body Workout!


Classes fill quickly!
You can register on the Mind Body App! or use the registration link above. Sign-ups will always go LIVE two weeks before the class.

All Classes take place at the Athleta Flatiron Studio on 5th Avenue & 18th Street!

SOCANOMICS Class Description

In a Socanomics class, we always start with a low-impact, follow-along warmup, then organically head into isolations & unjulations of the entire body. This means, whining, jukking and wukking up! Then we take it up a notch into higher intensity moves at a higher tempo and that requires high-energy.

Following our dance warm-up, we do 15 minutes of total body calisthenics and hit major muscle groups. We love to work ass and abs but we do it all.

After toning and chiseling the body of our dreams, we dance in it and celebrate in it! You learn song-specific choreography each class and then perform it at the end in two large groups! It’s fun!

We close out the class with a therapeutic cool-down stretch.

Classes are one hour in length and we are moving the whole time. Talk about #GOALS!

If you have never been to a SOCANOMICS class, what are you waiting for? We’ll be in NY all summer. Come through. Class is open to All level movers!


Selena Watkins