Trinidad Carnival 2017 Recap!

Carnival Tabanca is real! I’m so sad for Trinidad Carnival to end but I’m happy to report back.

It was my first time playing Mas in Trinidad. I had only played Mas (dressed as masquerader) one other time back home in Antigua about ten years ago.

As a first-timer, it was everything I expected and anticipated. For those of you who have never been, I advise you to go! You Must!

I have advice though. I only went for 6 days. You must go for at least ten days to 2 weeks!

So take note. You should go from the Sunday before an event called Machel Monday, to the Friday or Saturday after Ash Wednesday.  There is SO much to experience, including a few days in Tobago to relax after nonstop partying and dancing.

Before next year’s Trinidad Carnival, I plan to hit up one or two of these– Bermuda carnival in June, Barbados Cropover in August and Miami Carnival in October. If you plan to do any of these, hit me up!!! Let’s roll!

Anyway, Check out my video recap and photos below!!




Selena Watkins